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Urinary problems are an uncomfortable and inconvenient! That’s why we’ve developed an affordable home uroflowmetry device (uroflow, uroflowmeter) that allows you to monitor your urinary health from the comfort and privacy of your own home – Home-based urinary health monitoring aka Urine Flow Test at Home.

In combination our solutions offer remote health monitoring.
All our uroflowmeters are wireless.

Are you aware of any of the listed problems:
difficulty in initiating urination, slow voiding rate, straining to urinate, dribbling of urine at the end…, having lower urinary tract symptoms like BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), urinary obstruction, UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), OAB (Overactive Bladder), urinary incontinence, bladder issues after giving birth or even prostate cancer?

If you have any of the many urological problems or you just want to take control of your urinary tract health these are pages for you!

We offer home-based urinary health monitoring devices. Our devices are easy to use and provide accurate measurements and analysis of your uroflowmetry reports, giving you information you need to manage your urinary health effectively. With our devices, you can avoid invasive treatments and maintain your independence, all while taking control of your urinary health. Our uroflowmeter is an affordable urinary health device.

Our home uroflowmetry devices offer convenience, privacy, independence and more while saving time and money. They offer a non-invasive urinary health monitoring. With our convenivent uroflowmetry device you can monitor your urinary health on your own schedule, without the need for frequent doctor visits or invasive procedures. Reduce time at appointments!

Performing home urine flow test with our device is an investment in your health and well-being!

Don’t let urinary problems hold you back from living your best life. Invest in our uroflowmetry device today and take control of your urinary health.

Application for your smart device (Android and Apple platforms) offers display of comprehensive reports and data. Besides bringing bladder health monitoring, app also brings free voiding diary / bladder diary app / free bladder app. Windows application.

Comparison of past tests and diaries? Of course! Want to export files in PDF format and print them? No problem! Safety? Yes, devices use USB power. Privacy? Data is stored on your device and you decide who will have access to your data.

Personalized uroflowmetry reports bring you independent urinary health management. Uroflow measurement is the first step in getting your personalized treatment recommendations.

The devices were developed by a senior urologist with many years of experience working with patients. His important goals were: reliable measurement of urine flow; a privacy-focused uroflowmetry device; affordable price without compromising accuracy.

Satisfied customer
Emma, Germany

“No More Embarrassing Trips to the Doctor Thanks to iPeeWell”

— Emma, Germany

Satisfied customer
Anton, Slovenia

“iPeeWell has a convenient and effective solution for men with prostate issues”

— Anton, Slovenia

Satisfied customer
Kim, USA

“I started experiencing bladder issues after giving birth… I discovered iPeeWell… A game-changer for me!”

— Kim, USA

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Interpretation of uroflowmetry reports

Alongside Uroflowmetry Device we offer interpretation of uroflowmetry reports. Usage is simple: select date and send to interpret.

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iPeeWell comfort


By having a device at home‍ you can feel more comfortable and relaxed while undergoing the test, which can lead to more accurate results.



It is beneficial for people who may be hesitant to use public setting. It is convenient if you have mobility issues. No need to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider. Feel the convenience of home testing.



Monitor your urinary flow rate and volume over time. Track your treatment progress. Compare your results with others and see when things worsen and it is time to visit an urologist.



At home‍ you can ensure that the device is properly cleaned and maintained, which can help to reduce the risk of infections, irritation, discomfort…



Our device is accurate. It measures weight, just as a device at the urologist. Some competitive devices detect sound and the reports are not always consistent.



Our uroflowmetry devices are an affordable and cost-effective alternative to visiting a healthcare provider for the test.

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