Uroflowmetry  device

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Home Uroflowmetry Device


Intelligent high Precission Wireless Portable home uroflowmetry device for Personal use.


Easy to Use, Easy to Handle, Powerful device to help You Take care of Your Urinary Health! SAVES you TIME and MONEY!

Combines uroflowmetry with an Automated Bladder Diary.

Affordable, COMFORTABLE, CONVENIENT Low Cost Option for Home Uroflowmetry!

Designed BY UROLOGIST with Your PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY in mind! User-Friendly Design!

This is currently a working prototype, not a final product. We are in the process of obtaining a certificate for a medical technical device.

Why should I have one at home?

Read here what you gain.

Why iPeeWell’s Home Uroflowmetry Device?

Taking care of your urinary health, Taking care of your elderly parents, Prevention, Easy to use, User friendly, Improved patient comfort, Hygiene, Convenience, Saves time, Saves money, Privacy, Confidentiality, Brings freedom and dignity, ECO friendly product, Support for the further development of medical equipment…


  • 32-bit ARM Microprocessor
  • Bluetooth LE Connection – Low EM Radiation – up to 10 meters distance
  • Made in Slovenia, EU
  • BIO-degradable PLA Material – ECO Friendly
  • Weight Measurement
  • Always on Standby – ready-to-go when you are ready
  • Use of Funnel Optional
  • Visual Signaling of Operation – LED
  • Device Stores Last Measurement (until power off)
  • Automatic Tare
  • Automatic STOP- function
  • Automatic Data Transfer and Report Generation
  • Weighs Up to 1kg / 1 Litter / 1000ml / 33.8 oz.
  • User Defined Post Void Record-Waiting Time
  • Nomograms, Volume and Flow Graphs
  • 6 Parameters Calculation: Volume, Qmax, Qavg, Flow time, Voiding time, Age
  • Secure Patient Database Storage

  • Accelerate Measurements – Device Waiting for You – Perfect to use when You are Ready
  • Compact and Portable – Powerbank or USB powered – 5V Power Supply / User Safe, 2m Long Cable
  • Modern Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • For many years of regular use

Software Features:

  • Android App
  • Voice Commands
  • Full Color Reports
  • Optional PDF File Creation
  • Simple Calibration Form / Simple Calibration by User
  • Simple Setup of Post Voiding Wait Time
  • Encrypted Data Storage
  • Multilingual
  • Unit selection (g/oz.)
  • Automatic Scale Selection
  • Automatic Artifact Reduction
  • Easy Recall of Previous Reports
  • Voiding Diary within the App
  • Automatic entry into the Diary
  • Ability to easily send data for analysis to urologists at iPeeWell
  • Cross compatible Records: Android, Windows Applications (Windows app can open data from user’s home uroflowmetry device). Urologists use Windows app.
What’s Included
  • Uroflowmetry device (prototype)
  • Online User’s Manual / Online Video Instructions
  • Mobile App for unlimited devices
  • Diameter 10,1cm, Height 3,7 cm
  • Weight 230g
  • 1000ml
  • 24-bit 10Hz digitalisation
  • Different Uroflowmetry Device Color
  • Desktop Windows Application For Professional Use
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Extension Power Cord
  • Power Bank
  • Calibration Weight

Why would you have one?

Studies have confirmed that home uroflowmetry gives more accurate results than those in public institutions!

Do you often feel a sudden need to urinate? Do you find yourself urinating frequently, day or night? Are you having trouble urinating or experiencing unexpected leaks?
Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your bladder health? Are you trying to identify the root of your issues, either on your own or with the help of a healthcare professional?
Are you under the care of a clinician who has asked you to maintain a bladder diary? Would you like to track the progress of your ongoing treatment?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, our uroflowmeter can help!
This device gathers essential objective data, providing you and your doctor with clear insights into your bladder and urinary symptoms.

Who will benefit?

You should consider getting a uroflow test if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty starting urination
  • Waking up at night to urinate
  • Weak, slow or interrupted urine flow
  • Frequent urination
  • High or uncontrollable urge
  • Unintentional urine leakage episodes
  • Painful urination
  • Feeling of Incomplete bladder emptying
  • Concern when urination changes

Definately as initial assesment of lower urinary trackt problems and when changing treatment.

Our senior urologist and director of iPeeWell, Rok Rodič, has written several articles on the role of uroflowmetry. They can help answer your questions:
When to do uroflowmetry?
What is uroflowmetry? Why do I need it?
What is it? Why to use it?



The iPeeWell home uroflowmetry device is lightweight, compact, and portable. It measures urine weight for accurate, reliable results. You don’t need a funnel for accurate results. Powered by a 2-meter extendable cable, it can also connect to a power bank, freeing you from reliance on rechargeable batteries. It uses Bluetooth LE for reduced radiation and longer operation.

The device is always ready for use, with automatic tare determination and voice-activated start for measuring hesitation time. It completes measurements automatically after urination and a set waiting time, providing comprehensive reports even with urination interruptions. Visual feedback is provided during measurement, and data is automatically transferred to your mobile app or PC (Windows app as option) for processing and report generation.

The user-friendly application runs on mobile devices (tablets, phones) , which can also be used for other everyday calls, work… Data is encrypted and stored on your device. You decide who sees your data.

Color reports can also be saved in PDF format (and graphs as PNG images) as an option. You have an option to send data for an analysis by iPeeWell’s urologists from within the app with a simple button press and date selection.

Reports include your name, date of birth, gender (needed for nomograms), 6 calculated parameters, nomograms, and a volume and flow graph. An automatic computer analysis can be added to the report to identify interruptions, fluctuations, and the presence of a plateau or bell curve.

You can easily calibrate the device yourself with a calibration weight, guided by the application. Regular calibration every six months is recommended for consistent device use.

Alternative names for these devices are Home Urine Flow Meter, Home Uroflowmetry System, Computer Based Home Urinary Flow Meter, Home Uroflowmetry Machine, Home Uroflowmetry Test Machine, Home Uroflowmetry Equipment, Home Uroflow Test Unit, Personal Urine Flow Meter, Personal Uroflowmetry System, Computer Based Personal Urinary Flow Meter, Personal Uroflowmetry Machine, Personal Uroflowmetry Test Machine, Personal Uroflowmetry Equipment, Personal Uroflow Test Unit.


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