Uroflowmetry test at home. What is uroflowmetry? Why do I need it?

What is uroflowmetry? Why do I need it?
iPeeWell makes home uroflowmetry device - why do I need it?

In this post we will explain what uroflowmetry is. We will state the benefits of home uroflowmetry test aka uroflowmetry test at home and why you need it. iPeeWell is a manufacturer of affordable portable home uroflowmetry device. Read what our benefits are.

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What is uroflowmetry?

Uroflowmetry is a medical test that measures the time, volume and flow rate of urine during urination. Doctors commonly use it to diagnose and monitor conditions such as bladder outlet obstruction and other illnesses.
European Association of Urology recommends to perform uroflowmetry in the initial assessment of lower urinary tract symptoms. Strongly prior to medical or invasive treatment.

Why should I have one at home?

There are several reasons why you should have your own uroflowmetry device at home and make your own tests [1][2][3][4]. Did you know the results are even more accurate with home-made uroflowmetry, as they are more real[5].

Benefits of home uroflowmetry with iPeeWell’s device:

    With our device you will keep your dignity. You will not have to go to the urologist and wait with a painfully full bladder in the waiting room, where acquaintances would ask you about your urological problems. You won’t be called across the hall by a medical technician and then have to urinate on command. You will not be limited by time either. The next patient will not be standing behind you.
    Having our uroflowmetry device at home can allow you to continuously monitor your urinary flow rate and volume over time. If you are young and don’t have urinary problems yet, you can compare your voiding stream with others. This way you see when things worsen and it is time to visit an urologist. It can be especially helpful, if you are being treated for conditions such as bladder outlet obstruction or stricture, as it can allow you to track your progress and ensure that your treatment is effective. Continuous monitoring of urinary flow gives you more data than single measurement!
    Uroflowmetry devices are usually used in the doctor’s office. Using a device in a public place can be uncomfortable and may not provide accurate results. By having a device at home you can feel more comfortable and relaxed while undergoing the test, which can lead to more accurate results.
    Using a uroflowmetry device in the doctor’s office can also raise hygiene concerns. By having your own uroflowmetry device at home, you can properly clean and maintain it, which can help to reduce the risk of infections, irritation, discomfort
    Using a device in a public place may result in inaccurate measurements and misleading results. By using your own device at home, you can be confident that the results of the test are accurate and reliable[5].
    Having a uroflowmetry device at home can be more convenient, as it can be used in the privacy of one’s own home. This can be especially beneficial for men who may be hesitant to use a device in a public setting or who have mobility issues that make it difficult to travel to a medical facility. Additionally, having a uroflowmetry device at home can allow men to undergo the test at their own convenience, rather than having to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider. Feel the convenience of home testing!
    Our uroflowmetry devices are an affordable and cost-effective alternative to visiting a healthcare provider for the test. In many cases, you can purchase their own uroflowmetry device and use it at home, rather than paying for the cost of an office visit.
    With home uroflowmetry, you can say goodbye to frequent visits to the doctor’s office or urology clinics for urinary health monitoring. By conducting tests in the comfort of your own home, you eliminate the need for travel time, waiting rooms, and scheduling appointments.
    Early detection is crucial in managing urinary problems and preventing complications. Home uroflowmetry empowers you to monitor your urinary health regularly, facilitating the detection of any abnormalities or changes in urinary flow. By identifying potential issues early on, you can seek appropriate medical attention promptly, potentially preventing more serious conditions.
    Home uroflowmetry devices are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. The devices come with clear instructions, making it easy for individuals of all ages to perform the tests independently. You don’t need to be a medical professional to use these devices effectively. The simplicity of home uroflowmetry ensures that everyone can take charge of their urinary health with confidence.
    Our device is made of bio-degradable housing material. It contains highly integrated components, which reduces their number, and reduces the size of the device, which is also ecological. Our device works via a USB plug and uses your phone for display, which you already have. The above mentioned saving of time and money also contribute to the protection of the environment! iPeeWell’s device takes care of the environment!
    By purchasing our device, your decision not only benefits you personally, but also supports our startup. Your trust and support motivates us to continue to provide and refine innovative solutions that improve the lives of individuals around the world. With your support, we will be able to further reduce production costs and thus our products will be able to reach even more people with urological problems.

Why iPeeWell home uroflowmetry device?

Uroflowmetry test at home with our device has many advantages over other devices. Let us list a few of them for you.

  • In addition to the described advantages of a home device for uroflowmetry, our device is powered via USB. You don’t have to worry about always empty batteries.
  • The device is small and portable. It does not require a special additional funnel and funnel holder, as other devices do.
  • Our device measures the weight of excreted urine and does not detect sound like some other devices. Many external factors affect sound detection. All professional devices measure weight for a reason.
  • The reports that our application reports contain all the important data the same way as much more expensive professional devices at the doctor’s office do.
  • You can save the reports in PDF format and print them. You can take the printed documents with you to your urologist’s examination.
  • Our company iPeeWell also gives you an option to interpret the reports.
  • The usage is very simple and intuitive. App works on iPhone, iPad and android devices.
  • Our device is made in EU / Europe. In Slovenia.


In conclusion, people should consider having their own uroflowmetry device at home for comfort, hygiene, accuracy, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and continuous monitoring. By using iPeeWell uroflow device that is specifically designed for home usage, you can get more accurate and reliable results and have a better overall experience when undergoing uroflowmetry testing. Additionally, having our uroflowmetry device at home can provide you with greater control over your own healthcare and allow you to monitor your urinary function more effectively!

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